Specialising in historic characterisation, mapping, heritage management, assessing heritage assets and funding bids.

Fovant Badges in the Nadder Valley Wyvern Heritage and Landscape Consultancy works with local authorities, local communities and private landowners and brings together 10 years archaeological and heritage experience working within the commercial and private sectors.

Our innovative consultancy offers particular expertise in the creation and interpretation of historic characterisations and associated management plans as well as the assessment and analysis of heritage assets at both a site based and landscape scale. Much of our recent work has been within protected landscapes where it is crucial that a holistic view is taken of the significance of heritage assets within a wider landscape context.

The consultancy is directed by Emma Rouse MIfA who has 10 years experience in the interpretation and analysis of historic data including historic characterisations, historic mapping, nationally designated sites, historic environment records, and national mapping programme data.

The consultancy is able to apply this understanding to feed into management plans, heritage area assessments, forward planning scenarios such as growth area assessments as well as to aid development management applications and decisions, including the preparation of heritage statements

When necessary the consultancy is able to draw on the complimentary skills of independent specialist consultants in fields such as landscape architecture, design and computing.

We combine up to date knowledge on the latest policy and guidance with technical prowess in Geographical Information Systems and have experience of project managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders.

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